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Dark Pink and White Titanium Double Power Necklace

Dark Pink and White Titanium Double Power Necklace

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  • Model: NB1202-DRKPNKWHT-L
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Dark Pink & White Titanium Germanium Double Power Necklace

Power Contents

  • Anion
  • Far-infrared
  • Tourmaline
  • Germanium
  • Titanium
  • Color: Dark Pink and White

    Ribbon Color: n/a (no ribbon logo)

    Length: 23 inch / 58.42 cm

    Doulbe / Twisted


    A natural metal and semiconductor that is both rare and precious. When in contact with the human body, it releases negative ions at 32 degree traveling at the speed of orbiting the earth 7 times per second, as well as neutralizing residual positive ions.


    A very expensive metal. It is widely used in aerospace industry due to its characteristics of being light-weight, corrosion-free and sturdy. It is also anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.


    A natural gemstone with anode and cathode on each end. It is able to generate negative ions through electrolysis and get rid of residual positive ions; it is also able to generate negative ions through the circulation of air, difference in temperatures, water content and friction.


    The invisible light of 6u-14u (micrometer); it is non-irritable to the human skin, capable of retaining moisture, and is a necessity for living organisms to grow; it is also anti-bacterial.